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Adobe Captivate Beginner to Intermediate Course Details

In this short course you will learn how to use all the main features of Captivate, and create your own e-learning material and quizzes.


Course developers. Assessors. Instructors. Facilitators.


Basic Computer literacy. Experience with using web based tools an advantage.


2 days


$900.00 If you are currently resident in South Africa you will need to pay VAT at 14%.

PC Hire:

$70   *Bring a PC

Note: information may change without notice.

About Adobe Captivate Beginner to Intermediate

Adobe Captivate is the industry leading electronic learning (e-learning) development tool. Captivate can create interactive software simulations, demonstrations and randomized assessments in flash format. This can be converted to an .avi movie or Microsoft PowerPoint presentations .

Course Outline

  • Introducing Captivate
    • Start Adobe Captivate and Set General Preferences
    • Open and Close Existing Projects
    • View Project Information and Open Slides
    • Preview a Project
    • Zoom Closer to a Slide
    • View the library and Timeline
  • Recording
    • Step Through a Script
    • Set the Recording Type and Options
    • Record a Project Manually
    • Record a Demonstration
    • Record an Assessment Simulation
    • Record a Training Assessment
    • Record a Custom Project
    • Record a Project in Different Languages
    • Record a Project in Multiple Modes at One Time
  • Text Captions and The Timeline
    • Duplicate a Slide and Hide the Mouse
    • Insert, Resize and Move Text Captions
    • Change Text Caption Properties
    • Change an Object's Slide Position and Size
  • View the Timeline
    • Change a Slide's Display Time
    • Change Timeline View Settings
    • Use the Timeline to Set Text Caption Display Times
    • Show/Hide Timeline Objects
    • Use Options to Control Object Timing
    • Set Mouse Properties
    • Check Spelling
    • Align Slide Objects
  • Images
    • Insert and Delete Slides
    • Insert an Image
    • Set Image Size and Slide Position
    • Use the library
    • Manage Unused Images
    • Create an Image Transparency
    • Create an Image Watermark
    • Replace an Image
    • Set Image Timing Options and Transition Effects
    • Work With Image Stacks
    • Add a Visual Mouse Click and Click Sound
  • Pointer Paths, Buttons and Highlight Boxes
    • Change the Pointer Path
    • Change the Pointer Type
    • Edit a Slide and Object Display Times
    • Insert a Text Button
    • Set a Button's Options
    • Insert an Image Button
    • Insert and Format a Highlight Box
  • Converting Demonstrations into Simulations
    • Hide the Mouse
    • Replace Phrases
    • Insert a Click Box
    • Set Click Box Options
    • Change a Slide's Display Time
    • Set a Text Caption Transition
    • Insert a Text Entry Box
    • Create a Slide Group
    • Work with a Slide Group
    • Skins and Templates
    • Apply a BMP Playbar
    • Apply a Skin
    • Edit and Save a Skin
    • Delete a Skin
    • Add a Loading Screen
    • Create a Project Template
    • Create a New Project From a TemplateRecord Additional Slides
    • Edit a Template
  • Compliant Movies, Bandwidth and Publishing
    • Enable 508 Compliance
    • Add Accessibility Text
    • Add Closed Captions
    • link to a Web Site
    • Set Project Information
    • Check Bandwidth
    • Publish a Flash (SWF)
    • Publish Word Handouts
    • Export Captions
    • Perform a "Round Trip" From Word
  • Creating Quizzes
    • Set Quiz Preferences
    • Insert a Question Slide
    • Add an Image to a Question Slide
    • Reuse a Slide Background
    • Format the Question Title
    • Use the Slide Grid
    • Format the Progress Indicator
    • Create and Rename Question Pools
    • Add Questions to Question Pools
    • Insert Random Question Slides
  • MenuBuilder
    • Publish a Standalone Project
    • Create a MenuBuilder Project
    • Add Text Items to a Menu
    • Format Styles
    • Edit Text Items
    • Export a MenuBuilder Project
  • Learning Management Systems
    • Set Reporting Options
    • Create a Manifest File
    • Adjust Slide Object Interaction
    • Publish a Content Package
    • Create an LMS Account
    • Create an LMS Lesson
    • Create an LMS Course
    • Create an LMS Curriculum
    • Test an E-Learning Course

Delivery Method

Instructor Led classroom based training. Scheduled classes are normally held in Woodmead - near to Sandton in Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa. Stationary and textbook included. Refreshments, including 2 tea breaks and a cooked meal for lunch are provided for full time courses. Contact hours are between 9am to 4pm.

Scheduled Dates

To apply for a booking, click on the relevant "Book Now" button below.
Note: places are only fully secured once payment has been made.

Start Date Duration  
Mon 9 Apr 2018 2 days Book Now
Wed 25 Jul 2018 2 days Book Now
Mon 30 Jul 2018 2 days Book Now
Mon 29 Oct 2018 2 days Book Now