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Content Management Systems(CMS), are fast becomming the industry standard way to create a website

Course Who Should Attend Prerequisites Duration
WordPress Bundle

Site Administrators Web Designers Small Business Owners Bloggers Writers

Computer Literacy and a desire to set up webpages easily.

2 day
WordPress Site Building

Anyone who would like to build a simple website quickly and easily, from scratch. Suits anyone from private, government and non-profit organisations who does not have the time to learn HTML and traditional web design programmes.

Computer literacy

1 day
Drupal Administration Employee's required to administrate a Drupal site. This is not a course for Drupal site developers. Better than average computer literacy. 2 Days
Drupal Site Building

Developers, Web designers, Drupal Administrators, and anyone with an interest in building a basic Drupal CMS.

Above average computer ability with a background in HTML and CSS is a huge benefit. And web design experience useful. Bring a Drupal project to work on.

5 days
Drupal Layout and Theming



1 day
Drupal Developer Kick Start 1 1 5 Day
Drupal Development - PHP for Drupal

PHP developers that wish to customize or create Drupal modules and themes.

Prior experience with programming or a web application framework are assumed. PHP, HTML and CSS assumed.

1 Day
Drupal Development/Developer Best Practices Drupal Developers Prior experience with programming or a web application framework are assumed. PHP, HTML and CSS assumed. 2 Days
Drupal Site Management and Deployment

Anyone responsible for maintaining or deploying multiple Drupal Sites

Prior experience with programming or a web application framework are assumed. PHP, HTML and CSS assumed.

1 Day
Microsoft Power BI Boot Camp

It is intended for use by non-IT staff, including both Line and Senior Managers, Personal Assistants, Business Analysts, BI Specialists, and Knowledge Workers

No prior experience with Power BI or other BI tools is required, some experience with excel is desirable but not mandatory.

If you don't have admin rights on your computer please request your IT department to pre-install Power BI Desktop from

3 day
Microsoft Power BI Desktop Advanced Course

This course is intended for people who have been working with Power BI, Excel pivot tables or SSAS tabular and are looking to understand how to create richer data models to enable deeper insight into their data.

The Power BI boot camp course is a pre-requisite for the course. Alternatively, delegates should have at least 3 months experience in using Power BI Desktop for creating reports and dashboards.

2 day
Microsoft PowerBI Dashboard User Course

This is a bespoke course for specific audiences and is therefore not on our public schedule. This course needs to be customised to the unique settings of a business and will, therefore, be quoted on separately. The possible audience includes the executive team, their personal assistants, divisional heads, line managers, as well as personnel who need to receive alerts on changes in data.

Delegates must have a working knowledge of Microsoft Windows, and either Microsoft Edge, Microsoft IE, or Google Chrome. Delegates should be able to use one of the Microsoft Office applications on a basic level. Delegates should have some experience in doing reporting. This is a group course for between 6 - 8 delegates from one company. Extra delegates charge at R1000 per person.

1 day