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We would like you as our customer to be reassured of the measures we have put in place to prevent the spread of Covid-19.  Our team has worked hard to ensure that learners, staff and guests coming to our training centre will be safe.  Our excellent standard of hygiene and customer service has been raised higher and we have adapted our classrooms to ensure social distancing is maintained for the well-being of all learners.  We are confident that all compliance requirements have been met and we are open for classroom training from 10th June 2020. Please read through our Readiness Plan below:

Pre-training Covid-19 Awareness

Prior to training, all delegates will receive access to an online Covid Readiness Presentation on our Moodle LMS - which will inform them of safe practices and of the procedures we have below.  They must have completed this online presentation prior to arriving.

High-Risk Candidates

Anyone who is above 60 years old, has a pre-existing medical condition / chronic illness that may have compromised your immune system, i.e. respiratory disease, severe asthma, diabetes, heart disease, is not allowed to attend classroom-based training.

We still value your participation and invite you to join the course virtually via a webinar e-conference tool such as Teams, Zoom, Big Blue Button or Google Meet.  

Self-screen before 7am on the morning of Training

All learners will receive an email early in the morning of each training day to self-screen for symptoms.  They will be reminded to wear a face mask on arrival.  Any delegate showing symptoms will be requested to join via a webinar e-conference tool for virtual instructor-led training.  Learners are still encouraged to attend training virtually wherever possible to minimize risks.

On Arrival in the Foyer

All delegates and staff will be screened upon arrival at reception with a non-contact thermal scanner.  If their temperature is above 37.8℃, they will be asked to return home and join in via webinar link.  Any learner who has not completed the self-screen as above, will sign a symptom declaration form.  Learners will be checked to see that they have a face mask on.  All learners will be asked to sign a contact tracing permission slip and an indemnity form and will receive a complementary pen.  Delegates will be asked to use hand sanitizer and our staff will show them to their social-distance set-up training room.


All our door handles, surfaces, key-boards and high-contact areas are sanitized each morning and afternoon and in tea breaks.

There is hand sanitizer in every room and in public areas.

We have signs reminding learners to wash hands frequently, especially before eating or drinking.

Bathrooms are cleaned multiple times a day.

Paper towels are provided in the bathrooms for your convenience and safety.

Tea and coffee

Lunch Time

You can select to:

Lunch and team times will be staggered to ensure social distancing.

Social Distance in Training Rooms

We have implemented social distancing in every classroom and reduced learner numbers. We have spaced desks to ensure a minimum of 1.5 meters between each learner and no sharing of tables.  There will be a window open to circulate air in every room.  We do have aircons and the filters are serviced throughout the year.

There is hand sanitizer in every classroom.

All trainers have face masks or face shields.  

All delegates will be asked to wear their face mask.  Should a delegate need an extra face mask - we have spare at reception.

We have reduced the number of staff working from our office and our high-risk staff work remotely.

Large groups will be split into two and allocated to different

training rooms. Learners in the first group will join a virtual session while the

facilitator is with the second group. The facilitator will swop around at lunch time.