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"I really enjoyed the small classes with practical interaction and training at a good pace.student and trainer interaction was also welcoming"

RS Components
"The training was fun ,informative and very interesting .The energy from the educators was captivating and the was over-all an enjoyable experience ."

GRW Engineering Pty Ltd
"It was really an excellent course, I learned a lot and enjoyed every moment. I would definitely promote your company to others. Ryan is a very good trainer!"

Enel Green Power
"The training was very informative, I gained a lot insight about Human Resources. Leading Edge has great reviews, that's why I chose it."

"I chose Leading Edge because of high standard they have for their training and good quality they deliver."

Premier FMCG
"Nice venue, good facilities"

My Salon Software
"Ryan is really a fantastic teacher and his Knowledge is absolutely priceless. Not 1 question went unanswered and full clarity was given on all topics at all times. This is my second time attending a course here at Leading Training under Ryan's Training. And will definitely not be the last."

Macmillan Education South Africa
"As above, everything was well organised and the Trainer was really good at adapting the style based on the group's feedback/input."

SKA South Africa
"I enjoyed the practical aspects of this. There are many tips and tricks that I will be using in my work. I particularly enjoyed finding out about pandas and sympy. Will make my life much simpler!!"

"I liked the content offered I liked how the content was offered I found the material to be relevant and useful The Facilitator's level of engagement was outstanding"

Public Servant Association
"Experts in the subject matter."

South African Civil Aviation Authority
"I liked the way the trainer handled herself throughout the course and how she explained the course. I chose Leading Training because I was referred by a friend who told me it is a good institution."

SEACOM South Africa
"Was a great training session with loads of laughs.Carl definitely kept us engaged!"

Macmillan Education South Africa
"The company has great vibe. The training was well tailored and interesting. The coffee and food was lovely."

"in depth knowledge of trainer, and also the application of what we were learning in a practical day to day use"

SKA South Africa
"Very clearly communicated. Interactive was a good idea."

Sasol - Secunda Shared Services
"THank you for an excellent course, will definitely use it in my programme."

Macmillan Education South Africa
"Very interactive and informative."

"The fact that it was a practical class, the Instructor kept us engaged."

Lesira Teq
"Presentation and course material were excellent."

Macmillan Education South Africa
"Staff were great, Trainer was knowledgeable, food was great, relaxed atmosphere - great introduction to the topic."

ACS Altech
"Debbie exceeded my expectations and supplemented her material with more practical and personal examples. Facilities are very conducive for training. Hospitality is admirable. The course content was attractive."

SKA South Africa
"I liked the trainer's positive attitude; always helping people and me and he is very resourceful I enjoyed the training throughout."

SKA South Africa
"Very good presentation."

Square Kilometre Array
"Great training."

Principa Decisions Pty Ltd
"The fact that all my PM needs were met and I now have a better understanding of PM."

Sandvik Mining and Construction RSA (Pty) Ltd
"Power BI is absolutely powerful and will change a lot of things in my work life. I'm a Business Analyst by profession and I work with multitutes of data that I need to analyse and provide insight on. Before Power BI I had to spend a lot of time in gathering the data, cleaning it up and"

RS Components
"Knowledge & Best practice examples were shared to emphases certain topics & we can apply these examples & info in our Business ."

PBSA Pty Ltd
"Trainer keeps you active thinking makes you question your current processes with tools to enhance it"

Morobi Foundation
"Everything, really amazing!"

"The entire experience was excellent; from the registration to completion."

Enel Green Power
"I learned a lot from the course, especially labour law requirements. The Facilitator is really knowledgeable about the course."

"Kirstin is easy to approach and give chance for questions and answers Trainer was good and well prepared"

Aspen Pharmacare
"I didn't expect to get a textbook or any additional material and so got more than I bargained for. This is great for reference"

Transnet SOC (Pty) Ltd
"Individual attention, classes are smaller and interactive."

Liquid Capital
"Excellent training, great training venue, exceeded my expectations. I am recommending the training facility to my company"

"Give the best training"

Batseta Council of Retirement Funds for South Africa
"The premises are very clean and the staff is very friendly"

"The way training was conducted was great. We were kept engaged and the kind of engagement was fruitful because it allowed me to learn more about my team members. Info about them which I didn't know."

PBSA Pty Ltd
"Trainer keeps you active thinking, makes you question your current processes with tools to enhance it"