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Storage Technology Services (Pty) Ltd
"i loved the way Kerrin interacted with us. she was knowledgeable, helpful, energetic and very motivating & inspiring. i enjoyed the vast knowledge she had and willingness to learn further regarding what she was hearing for the first time. i chose leading Edge as it was close to my work place. "

Air Products South Africa (Pty) Ltd
"Kerrin was a well prepared and engaging presenter, she was very thorough and tailored the course to our needs. I found this course very enjoyable and informative and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to friends and colleagues."

Telesure Group Services
"I chose Leading Edge as it was recommended to me by other employees in my company. I enjoyed the structure of the training and the trainer, who was brilliant with the way they explained each step, helped out where necessary and had patience. I enjoyed everything about Leading Edge and would recommend it to anyone wanting to develop themselves in the featured courses that Leading Edge has to offer."

South Africa Low Emissions Development Program
"Conveniently located Nice offices everyone friendly great facility individual attention given to members which was great!"

"It was informative the style of content delivering was well structured "

"bank reconciliation statement,pivot tables. they gave us a good very welcome"

MMI Short Term Insurance Administration (Pty LTD)
"Leading edge helped me understand some basics that i never understood before, especially being self taught, I've used plenty of the functions before but got them working by trial and error, going forward I'll be able to do this quicker and more accurately."

"I enjoy a lot everything was 100%"

Gammatek SA (Pty) Ltd
"People(trainers ) were pleasant and Friendly .They know what they talk about and have knowledge of other different situations to explain things . They try to learn about your environment and base the learning material around that . "

Eternity Private Health Fund Administrators (Pty)
"I was welcomed with warmth,training was training was practical examples and made it easier to understand and enjoy."

"Leading Edge was chosen by my company .I enjoyed interacting with people here in terms of getting new perspectives . "

"what i liked most about leading Edge, their staff are so friendly and caring,the training was very good and practical."

"what i really like about leading edge is because of their passionate if you dont understand they will make you to understand at the end of the day, training it was excellent for me because of i have been taught excel from the beginning until the end, i didnt know much about this training as my company sent me here but by now i can even tell the others about leading edge because its the best of the best. "

"Very friendly staff and comfortable environment Keep up the good work Thanks you "

National Foods Limited
"Kerrin was an awesome facilitator.I would recommend anyone who want practical learning to attend courses at Leading Edge."

Management Sciences for Health (MSH)
"The way the topics were handled was very good and we definitely need to put them into practice to achieve the desired results and goals"

"The trainer really know how to make one understand how to each item connects to each other .I learned a whole lot about Linux in such a small period .Carl is the best "

"The serenity and calm presents a good environment for this course .THe food was excellent . "

"I loved the friendliness and professionalism at Leading Edge The training was highly informative and extremely helpful in my personal and professional capacity I chose Leading Edge as it seemed to have the most variety of training topics and the content is highly educative and scientifically sound."

Financeial services Board
"the training provided actual examples and practicals. in the class we had the freedom to apply theory to our individual working environments. smaller classes meant that attendees could meet all their objectives."

"Very efficient. Trainers knew what they were talking about and helped, did not go too fast and answered all questions. Leading Edge offered SQL course."

Tourvest Travel Services (Pty) Ltd
"I had no knowledge of SQL prior to this and feel i am equipped now with the basics to do my job, all this in 3 days. Good Stuff"

"The training was up to standard.I really learned a lot and the training made a huge difference in improving my computer skill.I was superb.My excell has now improved."

"I learned an enormous amount of information as a vintage social media user"

"timeframe is very important, the training taught me how to save time on excel, To gain more experience on excel"

"The reception was warm, from the security at the gate to the ladies who cooked our meals. Linah Moudzwi was amazing in accommodating us as we registered late. She was patient and understanding and there were no hassles to get us here. Our trainer Lawrence was friendly, warm and very approachable. He made everything easier to understand and was patient with us if we were slow or not understanding. The one-on-one approach is great."

Life Eugene Marais Hospital
"course was well presented facility is clean and well kept pleasure been here."

Standard Bank
"I enjoyed the complexity of some of the exercises and how the trainer enhanced these further to get us thinking deeper and at a more practical level."

Management Sciences for Health
"The website is nicely designed and I picked the course after looking through the content from the website. The frequent breaks are very good to - made me alert throughout the course. The instructor was very good at delivering the complex materials in a very easy way. "

WBHO Construction
"Leading Edge has a great professional environment. The staff is friendly and makes you feel at ease which helped me survive this week"

IQ Business
"The material was very useful and the service i got was great.Thanks for that "

Sentinel Retirement Fund

"very interesting course,picked my brain in many ways ,how to improve current ways. Thank you very much."

"Training was perfectly paced, extremely interesting. The trainer was extremely knowledgeable on the subject and always willing to go the extra mile! Very pleased with the course!"