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Barplats Mines (Pty) Ltd
"I think the assistantance and guidance I received from start to finish was very great. I really feel that I have learned a lot and gain the skill to improve in my work environment going forward. I will also be in a position to carry my knowledge over to my team, and assist them to grow."

Bank of Namibia
"The facilitator was calm, caring, and she constantly asked us if we understood what was covered. She also engaged us and allowed us to share our experiences. All this i found valuable. The course content is very relevant as it made us realize were we are lacking and how to improve."

Gauteng Provincial Treasury
"I think overall, the training experience was excellent. I do not have any regrets."

Macmillan Education South Africa
"I really liked the course. Kerrin was very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. I liked that she involved the participants in the discussion. I liked that there were proper breaks scheduled because it made it easy to focus on the content."

Gauteng Provincial Treasury
"Examples were so friendly user and the trainer was explaining very well"

AMS Haden Instrument and Mining Services (PTY) LTD
"The content was real good and all information was relevant. The trainer himself had my attention throughout the whole course. Thank you, I would definitely recommend you guys."

EOH Network Solutions ado EOH Mthombo (Pty) Ltd
"The trainer was amazing"

Alexander Forbes Group Services (Pty) Ltd
"Ryan is put simply...excellent! The pace at which the course was delivered, the approach that Ryan used to cover the content...purely commendable. Thank you!"

Vector Logistics
"Power Bi is a powerful tool and a huge asset to any organization dealing with a lot of data etc. I will be able to have new insights and analyse data on new levels Leading Edge, Trainer-Lawrence is a beast when it comes to training on powerbi. It was fun and to know that can tell us a million stories. Power bi has the ability to change any organization that wants to grow and be effective."

RCL Foods Sugar & Milling
"I enjoyed the course particularly because Bernard, my course leader, took noticeable effort in ensuring that we were not bored. I am relatively advanced in Power BI, and it was nice that he noticed this and went through the basics faster while ensuring the more advanced work was done sufficiently for me to understand. It made the experience more personal, and I felt I was better able to learn this way as I did not have to stay focused on work I was very comfortable with for long periods of time."

Hensoldt: GEW Business Unit
"Training was hands on, easy to follow & plenty of opportunities to interact & learn from Mark as well as other participants."

Macmillan Education South Africa
"I was recommended to Leading Edge by a colleague. I was very impressed by the course content, as I expected to learn some basics, but was met with a lot more thorough and helpful content than I thought I would. Even though it was a webinar, the session was very engaging, the presenter kept a good pace and everything ran very smoothly. Thank you for the great session."

South African Council for the Architectural Profession
"It actually reminded me of all I had forgotten over time and I grasped additional info that i might have not know at all or fell through the crack during my initial Excel training. I'd really recommend this course to anyone without basic excel."

Railway Safety Regulator
"Very interactive presenter. Practical."

Lodox Systems (Pty) Ltd
"Thank you for the training and points for improvement during the course."

Lodox Systems (Pty) Ltd
"The level of training and trainers are up to standard."

National Film & Video Foundation
"its was informative, the content was clearly explained and described. the facilitator had a clear understanding and is a great teacher"

BMW Group South Africa
"Awesome training looking forward to using my knowledge at work"

Gauteng Provincial Treasury
"The facilitator was very patient, ensured everyone was on the same page and ensured participation from everyone."

Alexander Forbes Group Services (Pty) Ltd
"The trainer facilitated the course at an excellent pace, thank you so much Lawrence for the knowledge that you have imparted with us."

AMS Haden Instrument and Mining Services (PTY) LTD
"Training was very informative and to the point, and didn't feel left out or behind in any part of the training."

Greater Tzaneen Municipality
"I have learned new things on how to communicate electronically. It was an eye opener."

Lodox Systems (Pty) Ltd
"The trainers are very informed about the content"

Vision View Productions
"I liked the professionalism of the staff, attention to client's needs and a quick turn around to those needs. Small classes means individual, specialized treatment and care to each student."

Skills Panda
"the interaction and knowledge of the facilitator was outstanding"