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Relational Database management systems and related technologies

Course Who Should Attend Prerequisites Duration
  • Report Writers (anyone required to produce reports from a relational database)
  • Web developers wanting to add database interaction to their web sites.
  • Programmers who quickly wants to add SQL to their skills set.
  • The hobbyist who wants to begin creating SQL scripts for upload to their own ISP.
  • Students, and to those seeking a career in computing, who need a fundamental understanding of database administration with SQL.
  • Above average computer literacy
  • If you are bringing along your own laptop it will be helpful to pre-install the database server and client software. Please call for assistance or arrive at least one hour before on the first day of the course so we can help you with the software installation. You will also need full administrator privileges on your laptop.
3 Days
MySQL Administration
  • MySQL Database administrator
  • Excellent computer literacy
  • Technically inclined
  • SQL Course or Equivalent Knowledge
2 Days
PostgreSQL Administration Database administrators, developers, IT support staff. SQL course or equivalent knowledge. 2 Days
Advanced SQL Database Administrators, Programmers. SQL 2 days