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We are open for classroom training with strict Covid-19 Level 1 protocols in place.

Financial skills for non specialist staff

Course Who Should Attend Prerequisites Duration
Excel for Statistical Analysis

Any person currently using Excel at an advanced level and needs to use Excel tools to draw statistical analyses on data.

Proficiency in Excel with evidence of experience in tools from Basic to Advanced. Complete our Basic to Advanced Excel Course if not.

2 day
Finance for Non Financial Managers

This course targets anyone new to management or leading a team in an organisation who needs to understand the basics of finance and reading a financial statement.  It is essential for anyone without a finance background who would like to progress in their careers and who is aiming for management level in a company. 

Mathematical ability is needed and English to matric would help. Experience in business is beneficial. 


3 Days
Public Finance Management Act This course targets anyone in public service wanting to learn how to comply with PFMA legislation. None 5 Days
Revenue for Retirement

Corporates’ can supply the training or individuals in a company can get together, of their own accord, and the training will be provided. This course relevant to all ages.


1 hours
Accounting & Budgets Skills

Aspiring or existing team leaders, managers and supervisors who need an overview of the accounting cycle and budgeting.

Sufficient numeracy skills and experience in the workplace.

2 Days
Budgets and Managing Money

Team leaders, supervisors and managers who are responsible for budgeting for their departments

Having completed the Accounting Skills for New Supervisor's Course or have equivalent knowledge and experience

2 Days