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Leading Edge Training

Training for leaders and managers

Course Who Should Attend Prerequisites Duration
Building Better Teams Business owners, managers 1 Day
Business Leadership New and old managers wanting to improve their leadership skills. Management Position, or preparing to join a management team. 3 Day
Business Succession Planning Business leaders, business owners, managers 1 Day
Change and How to Deal with It Anybody 1 Day
Change Management Effective with all levels in organisations experiencing change and transition None 2 Days
Coaching: A Leadership Skill Anyone who would like to learn the skill of coaching as a tool to build people / employees and lead them to reach personal goals and make better decisions. This would suit any person in a leadership position. Some leadership experience would be useful. Beneficial for the delegate to have attended the Self-Actualization and Finding Strengths Course first. 1 Day
Conflict Resolution Managers, HR Personnel and those dealing with conflict in the business place. Self Mastery Course 1 Day
Conflict Resolution - Getting Along in the Workplace Anybody Self Mastery Course 2 Days
Conflict Resolution - The Definitive Approach Managers, HR Personnel, business leaders and anyone needing systematic tools to deal effectively with conflict. Self Mastery Course 1 Day
Critical Thinking Anybody 2 Days
Cultural Intelligence (CQ) Executives, Line Managers, Project Managers, Sales and Marketing Staff, Facilitators, Team leaders, Members in multicultural teams, Ex-pats, those moving into cross-cultural leadership positions. To have registered and paid for the course a week prior so that the Multi-Rater Assessment can be completed online by the delegate and by 5 observers who know the delegate. A report of the results forms part of the course. 1 Day
Developing High Performance Teams Business owners, managers, HR personnel 3 Day
Introduction to Project Management Anybody who would like to gain an understanding of the main components of Project Management. Any team and management experience beneficial. No Project Management experience necessary although it is beneficial. 3 Days
Leadership Skills for Supervisors Managers, business owners and team leaders. Anyone new to team leadership would benefit. A level of experience in small team leadership would be helpful but any interaction in a business environment is necessary. No specific skills apart from a desire to learn how to better one's leadership skills. 1 Day
Leading With Emotional Intelligence Anybody Self Mastery Course 1 Day
Managing the Project Team Managers, project managers, business owners, bosses and leaders of project teams. Some team leadership and project management experience is beneficial. 1 Day
Motivation Training: Motivating Your Workforce Employers, managers 1 Day
Problem Solving and Decision Making Anybody Critical Thinking 1 Day
Sales Leadership and Sales Management Sales Team Leaders and Managers Complex Solution Selling 1 Day
Self Mastery This course is for everyone who wants greater insight into how people operate socially and the WHY behind emotionally-charged behaviour. It is particularly useful to people who need to influence others for example leaders, team members, facilitators, HR professionals and sales professionals. Computer literacy helpful as resources are accessed via the Internet. 1 Day
The ABCs of Supervising Others Supervisors, managers, team leaders, business owners 1 Day
The Art of Delegating Anybody 1 Day
The Professional Supervisor Supervisors 3 Day