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Courses that empower any individual to perform better in the workplace and outside

Course Who Should Attend Prerequisites Duration
Self Mastery

This course is for everyone who wants greater insight into how people operate socially and the WHY behind emotionally-charged behaviour. It is particularly useful to people who need to influence others for example leaders, team members, facilitators, HR professionals and sales professionals.

Computer literacy helpful as resources are accessed via the Internet.

1 Day
Anger Management: Understanding Anger This is a personal enrichment course that will benefit all individuals Self Mastery Course 1 Day
Business Etiquette: Gaining That Extra Edge

Business owners, sales consultants, sales representatives, managers, receptionists, call centre personnel

Matric level English

1 Day
Change and How to Deal with It

Potential Change managers, Project Managers, Line Managers.

We recommens that you attend the self mastery course first.  Some exposure to either project management, line management, or supervision.

1 Day
Communicating Across Cultures

This course is for individuals who need to communicate clearly and effectively while conducting business in cultures other than their own.

There are no prerequisites for this course.

You may find the following courses beneficial:

Self Mastery

Emotional Intelligence

Negotiating Skills

1 Day
Conflict Resolution The Definitive Approach

Managers, HR Personnel, business leaders and anyone needing systematic tools to deal effectively with conflict.


1 Day
Leading With Emotional Intelligence Anybody who desires to learn how to be in touch with their emotions and how to communicate better with others. Our Self Mastery Course is highly recommended as a pre-requisite course to this course as it lays the scientific foundation of how our brains process emotions and how we as social beings relate to others. 1 Day
Critical Thinking

This course is a key course to help establish a foundation of solid thinking skills to analyse and interpret arguments and data.  It is useful to anyone in business to help them think clearly and make good decisions and is a base course for Problem-Solving and Decision making.  If you have not done Critical thinking in school - come on this course.

Matric level English language skills is beneficial.

2 Days
Intro to Neuro Linguistic Programming Anybody 1 Day
NLP Tools for Real Life Anybody 1 Day
Problem Solving and Decision Making


Critical Thinking

1 Day
Self Esteem and Assertiveness

Anyone needing to grow in confidence and stand up for who they are and what they want in relationships

Self Mastery Course

1 Day
Stress Management Anybody 1 Day