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Advanced techniques and best practices for configuring a flexible and extensible layout for your site, then you'll learn how to get more control over the look and feel by creating a custom theme in Drupal.

You will learn how to make Advanced responsive themes in Drupal.

Delivery Methods

Leading Training is focusing on providing virtual training courses for the foreseeable future and will only consider in-person and classroom training on request, with a required minimum group size of four delegates. We remain committed to offering training that is fast, focused and effective.


Drupal Themers


Drupal Theming

Course Outline / Curriculum

  1. Altering variables with preprocess functions
  2. Adding new variables with preprocess functions
  3. Adding new variables to a specific node type
  4. Adding conditional CSS and JavaScript
  5. Dynamic templates with theme_hook_suggestions
  6. Overriding theme functions
  7. Creating a preprocess function for a theme function
  8. Function name suggestions
  9. Theme alter hooks for CSS and JavaScript
  10. Altering the page from the theme layer
  11. Altering forms from the theme layer
  12. Best practices for hook_form_alter()
  13. Theming forms
  14. Theme settings
  15. Strategies for keeping template files clean
  16. Web Typography
  17. Responsive Themeing