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Accounting & Budgets Skills
Accounting and Finance for Non Financial Managers
Accredited Business Leadership
Accredited Office Administration
Achieving High Impact Virtual Engagements
Advanced PHP
Advanced Python
Advanced Skills for the Practical Trainer
Advanced SQL
Advanced Web Application Programming
After Effects Basic-Intermediate
Agile Core
Agile Fundamentals: Scrum with Kanban
Agile High Performance Teams
Agile Project Management
Agile Scrum Master
Analyse Financial Information SAQA US252036
Analysing Data with Excel
Anger Management: Understanding Anger
Angular Beginner Course
Angular Bootcamp MVC
Assertiveness as a Business Tool
Assessor Training US115753
Azure Fundametals


Basic Computer Skills Course
Basic Computer Skills Course (win 8)
Budgets and Managing Money
Building a RESTful API with Laravel
Building Better Teams
Building Relationships for Success in Sales
Business and Report Writing
Business Etiquette: Gaining That Extra Edge
Business Succession Planning
Business Writing Skills SAQA US 12153
Business Writing that Works


Call Centre and Customer Service
Certiport Exam
Chairing & Conducting Labour Law Hearings
Change and How to Deal with It
Change Management SAQA US252021
Closing the Generation Gap
Coach Managers SAQA US252035
Coaching for Growth and Performance
Coaching Skills for Today's Leaders
Coaching: A Leadership Skill
Communicating Across Cultures
Communication Strategies
Communication Techniques SAQA US12433
Complex Solution Selling
Concepts of Information Technology
Conduct Negotiations SAQA US117853
Conducting Effective Performance Reviews
Conflict Resolution The Definitive Approach
Conquering Your Fear of Speaking in Public
Contract Management
Courageous Conversations
Creating a Dynamite Job Portfolio
Creating A Top Notch Talent Management
Critical Thinking
Cultural Intelligence (CQ)
Customer Centric Employee
Customer Service Essentials


Data Driven Decision Making
Data Modelling with M and Power Query
Data Visualization with Python
Data Visualization with R
DAX Programming
Dealing With Sexual Harassment
Decision Making SAQA US252026
Developing High-Performance Teams
Developing Your Training Program
Digital Doorway Champions
Digital Marketing Course
Digital Marketing Strategy
Diversity & Conflict Management
Drupal Administration
Drupal Developer Kick Start
Drupal Development - PHP for Drupal
Drupal Development/Developer Best Practices
Drupal Layout and Theming
Drupal Site Building
Drupal Site Management and Deployment
Dynamite Sales Presentations


Effective Business Writing
Emotional Intelligence SAQA US252031
Employee Dispute Resolution
Employee Orientation: Mediation through Peer Review
Employment Equity & Skills Development
Employment Equity Course
Excel Boot Camp
Excel Dashboards and Power Pivot
Excel for Statistical Analysis
Excel Productivity
Excel VBA


Facilitation Skills
Facilitator Training US117871
Facilitator, Assessor and Moderator Course Bundle
Finance for Non Financial Managers
Formatting Professional Documents
Front End Web Developer
Fundamentals of Selling


Getting Stuff Done
Getting Your Job Search Started
GIS ESSENTIALS – “Getting Spatially Enabled”
Google Adwords
Google Analytics
Graphic Design Practicals


High Performance PA and Management Skills for the Administrator
Hiring for Success
HR Training for the Non-HR Manager
HTML5 upgrade


Illustrator Advanced
Illustrator Basic-Advanced
Illustrator Basic-Intermediate
Illustrator CS5
InDesign Advanced
InDesign Basic-Advanced
InDesign Basic-Intermediate
Initiating a Hearing & Preparing the Company Case
Interpersonal Skills
Intro to Labour Relations in the Workplace
Introduction to CRM
Introduction to Graphic Facilitation
Introduction to Labour Law
Introduction to Moodle
Introduction to PC
Introduction to Programming Using Groovy
Introduction to Programming using Python
Introduction to Project Management
Introduction to R Programming Language
Introduction to Statistics
Introduction to Visual Thinking
Inventory Management
IT for non IT Managers
ITIL Foundation


Java Bootcamp
Java Course and Exam
Java Enterprise Edition
Joomla Basic
Joomla Intermediate


Knowledge Management SAQA US252044


Laravel Bootcamp
Laravel Intermediate
Laravel Introduction
Leadership Essentials SAQA US120300
Leadership Skills for Supervisors
Leading With Emotional Intelligence
Linux Essentials
Linux Master Bundle
Linux Networking
Linux Point and Click Admin
Linux Security
Linux Shell Commands
Linux Single Sign On
Linux System Administration 1
Linux System Administration 2
Linux Ubuntu 199


Machine Learning with Python
Machine Learning with R
Manage Conflicts SAQA US114226
Manage Finances SAQA US252040
Manage Organisational Culture SAQA US252042
Manage Recruitment SAQA US12140
Manage Talent SAQA US252029
Manage Team Performance SAQA US252034
Management and Supervisory Skills
Management Development Programme Extended
Management Development Programme Shortened
Managing and Analysing Finances
Managing Diversity SAQA US252043
Managing Risk in a Unit SAQA US252025
Managing the Project Team
Managing Virtual Teams
Managing Workplace Relationships SAQA US252027
Managing Your Corporate Brand
Marketing and Sales
Marketing plan development course
Mastering the Interview
Meeting Management
Microsoft Access
Microsoft Azure Administrator
Microsoft Excel For Human Resources Analytics
Microsoft Excel Fundamentals
Microsoft Excel: Advanced
Microsoft Excel: Intermediate
Microsoft Office 365 Overview
Microsoft OneNote Fundamentals
Microsoft Outlook Level 1
Microsoft Power BI Boot Camp
Microsoft Power BI Desktop Advanced Course
Microsoft Power Query
Microsoft PowerApps
Microsoft PowerBI Dashboard User Course
Microsoft PowerPoint Level 1
Microsoft PowerPoint Level 2
Microsoft Project
Microsoft SharePoint
Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Visio
Microsoft Word Level 1
Microsoft Word Level 2
Mindfulness and Resilience
Mobile Web Design
Moderator Training US115759
Motivating Your Employees
Motivation Training: Motivating Your Workforce
MS Office Level 1
MySQL Administration


National Certificate in Management
Negotiating Skills for Results
Network Security Penetration Testing


Office Administration
OneDrive Training
OpenOffice Writer
Operational Planning SAQA US252032
Overcoming Objections to Nail the Sale


Performance Management
Perl Fundamentals
Photoshop Advanced
Photoshop Basic-Advanced
Photoshop Basic-Intermediate
Photoshop Refresher
POPIA PAIA Compliance
PostgreSQL Administration
PostgreSQL for Business Intelligence and Mass-data-analysis
Presentation Skills (US13925)
Presentations Skills
Problem Solving and Decision Making
Problem-Solving SAQA US242817
Programming with C#
Project Management Bootcamp
Project Management Fundamentals
Project Management Fundamentals Accredited
Project Management Tools and Techniques US120385
Project Planning SAQA US252022
Promote a Learning Culture SAQA US252041
Promoting Innovation SAQA US252020
Prospecting for Leads Like a Pro
Protecting Intellectual Property
Public Finance Management Act
Public Speaking
Public Speaking: Speaking Under Pressure
Python Dashboards with plotly Dash
Python for Data Science
Python for Engineers and Scientists
Python Pandas and Jupyter ETL and Data wrangling
Python Programming
Python Regression
Python Statistical Modelling
Python Statistics
Python Web Apps with Flask MVC Framework


R, Into the Tidyverse (Data Wrangling and ETL)
Regression with R
Relationship Management
Revenue for Retirement
Risk Management (Risk Analysis)
Risk Management Bootcamp
Risk Management Bootcamp Day2
Risk Management Bootcamp Day3
RS Advanced Customer Profiling


Sales Fundamentals - Selling Smarter
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Self Esteem and Assertiveness
Selling Smarter
Sexual Harassment Awareness for Employees
Sexual Harassment Awareness for Supervisors
Skills Development Facilitator
Social Media Marketing
Source Code Management and Version Control
Spring Java Framework
SQL and Laravel
Statistics with R
Stress Management
Successful Onboarding
Survival Skills for the New Trainer


TCP/IP Networking
Technical Report Writing
Telephone Etiquette
Telephone Skills for Call Centres
The ABCs of Supervising Others
The Accredited Professional Manager SAQA US252037
The Accredited Professional Supervisor
The Art of Delegating
The Case for Coaching
The Minute-Taker's Workshop
The Professional Manager
The Professional Supervisor
Time Management
Time Management US-242811
Tough Topics: Talking to Employees about Personal Hygiene
Train the Trainer
Trainer Essentials
Training using Microsoft Teams
Training Using Zoom


Using Activities to Make Training Fun
UX and Angular
UX Design


Web Design Bootcamp
Web Design Practicals
Web Developer
Windows 10 Basic Computer Course
Windows 7 Basic Computer Course
Windows 8 Basic Computer Course
WordPress Admin
WordPress Bundle
WordPress Site Building
Write a Technical Report US116389
Writing Reports and Proposals


XML Web Services