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About Us

Leading Training is a group of professionals dedicated to upskilling and empowering other professionals to excel at their jobs. We are passionate in our areas of expertise and even more so about sharing that expertise with our customers.

We have been training teams since the year 2000 and, in that time, we’ve had the opportunity to teach people from across the world in a wide variety of topics both technical and interpersonal.

We strive to ensure that our content is accurate, our skills are up-to-date, and our training is engaging. We love to see our students grasping and applying what they’ve learned. So, if you and your team need to learn valuable skills with the help of professionals, join us! We’d love to have you in our class.

Customer Testimonials

RS Components SA

The staff (Masego) is friendly and welcoming. Chris was an excellent Trainer.

Adcock Ingram Healthcare

Xoli was very knowledgeable in regards to the powerpoint product and held professional conduct with the training facilitation.

Easigas (Pty) Ltd

Flexible and sufficient content explaining the learning outcomes.


Excellent service from the very first sales query Training well presented, both trainers knowledgeable and supported individual needs

Sci-Bono Discovery Centre

I believe everyone has a management portion of work that they do, and most definitely Chris opened many part in the brain around HR AND MANAGEMENT.

Department of Energy

Excellent presentation and training from the trainer. Keep up the good work sir.

Council of Geoscience

Informative training. Very good in python training courses.

Airports Company South Africa

Trainer was really passionate and engaging.

Old Mutual Insure

The trainer was knowledgeable training pace was perfect allow participation Respond to questions and comment to answers in a respectable manner

Alexander Forbes Group Services (Pty) Ltd

Ryan is put simply...excellent! The pace at which the course was delivered, the approach that Ryan used to cover the content...purely commendable. Thank you!

Fourier IT Innovation

They provide tech that is relevant hence I would choose Leading Training.

Macmillan Education South Africa

I really liked the course. Kerrin was very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. I liked that she involved the participants in the discussion. I liked that there were proper breaks scheduled because it made it easy to focus on the content.

John Deere (Pty) Ltd Boksburg

I was familiar with the content presented only because I currently run our company social media pages. It was an excellent refresher with added value. Thank you.

United States of America Embassy Maputo

i have previously done a course at leading edge and i was impressed with the service/work/content shared with me so i decided to do another course with this training company

Bombela Operating Company (Pty) Ltd

Friendliness of the staff (everyone). Professionalism from the staff. Customer focus. The training pack a punch get to the point. The trainers are well conversant with the subject matter.

Skills Panda

the interaction and knowledge of the facilitator was outstanding

Greater Tzaneen Municipality

I have learned new things on how to communicate electronically. It was an eye opener.

Clicks retails

The staff here they are very friendly and welcoming.

Vision View Productions

I was never interested in dealing with emotions as i thought its all netural however this course helped me learn more about it and can apply in my personal life and workplace.

Clarins SA

I enjoyed the training with Kirstin as she uses real example and makes it easy to remember theoretical parts.

Railway Safety Regulator

Very interactive presenter. Practical.

Small Enterprise Development Agency

- I liked the training itself ,the environment and workplace clean and welcoming. - WiFi the best - The food amazing and delicious. Well done Chef.

Lodox Systems (Pty) Ltd

The level of training and trainers are up to standard.

Alexander Forbes Group Services (Pty) Ltd

I chose Leading Edge because the platform allows for free/immediate/ongoing interaction between the trainer and attendees (it's not classroom style). Another reason would be the LMS system...with access to the training and other reference material.

AMS Haden Instrument and Mining Services (PTY) LTD

The content was real good and all information was relevant. The trainer himself had my attention throughout the whole course. Thank you, I would definitely recommend you guys.

Momentum Health Solutions (Pty) Ltd

I like that I now know how to write a cover letter for myself

Macmillan Education South Africa

I was recommended to Leading Edge by a colleague. I was very impressed by the course content, as I expected to learn some basics, but was met with a lot more thorough and helpful content than I thought I would. Even though it was a webinar, the session was very engaging, the presenter kept a good pace and everything ran very smoothly. Thank you for the great session.

Lodox Systems (Pty) Ltd

Thank you for the training and points for improvement during the course.


the course content was satisfactory, the teacher was excellent in many ways.

RCL Foods Sugar & Milling

I enjoyed the course particularly because Bernard, my course leader, took noticeable effort in ensuring that we were not bored. I am relatively advanced in Power BI, and it was nice that he noticed this and went through the basics faster while ensuring the more advanced work was done sufficiently for me to understand. It made the experience more personal, and I felt I was better able to learn this way as I did not have to stay focused on work I was very comfortable with for long periods of time.

RCL Foods

I think there is loads of opportunities going forward so look forward to putting it into practise.

Easigas (Pty) Ltd

I liked everything. I like how detailed the whole course was.

Bank of Namibia

The facilitator was calm, caring, and she constantly asked us if we understood what was covered. She also engaged us and allowed us to share our experiences. All this i found valuable. The course content is very relevant as it made us realize were we are lacking and how to improve.

Lesotho Electricity Company

You guys are excellent!

SKA South Africa

Great stuff!!!

Momentum Health Solutions (Pty) Ltd

Everything was done in a professional manner, and the course was enjoyable

Old Mutual Insure

The presenter was dynamic and avoided any confusions with his lectures.

National Film & Video Foundation

its was informative, the content was clearly explained and described. the facilitator had a clear understanding and is a great teacher

Bombela Operating Company (Pty) Ltd

Skilled and well trained facilitator with good people skills. Thank you for the follow-up training after the first training that did not go well. Your effort is appreciated.

Momentum Health Solutions (Pty) Ltd

Andrew was a pleasure to interact with as a trainer. His knowledge of the English language in relation to the content covered was impeccable. I appreciated the use of practical examples and he was extremely engaging. Keep us the great work Andrew. :)

Customer Testimonials




Leading Training has been granted full MICT SETA accreditation, number ACC/2014/07/112.



Leading Training has been granted programme approval, number ETDPS011181 for the following programmes:

  • Conduct outcomes-based assessment
  • Conduct moderation of outcomes-based assessments
  • Facilitate learning using a variety of given methodologies


Services SETA

Leading Training has been granted programme approval from Services SETA for the delivery of the following learning programmes:

  • National Certificate: Generic Management: General Management
  • Explain fundamentals of project management
  • Apply a range of project management tools and techniques