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Spring Specials

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InDesign Basic-Intermediate

10-12 September

Learn to format and design brochures, booklets, newspapers, flyers and other print documents with this desktop publisher

Social Media Marketing

17-19 September

Workout your strategy and the content to achieve it. Dive into platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn and see what will work for you.

Microsoft Power BI Bootcamp

10-12 September

Draw data from multiple sources, compile beautiful, insightful reports and share them with key stake holders all from the same dynamic product.

Microsoft Project

20-22 September

Develop plans, assign resources, track processes and manage budgets with this powerful project management tool.

Conflict Resolution

21 September

Conflict pops up in many different situations with many different people. Find understanding and tools to handle these situations to the best of your ability.

Business Writing

25-26 September

We all have to write at work. Whether it's emails, reports or marketing material, our content needs to represent us well. This course will fix up your grammar, punctuation and style for a variety of formats.

Linux Essentials

18-21 September

Linux systems are wonderfully easy to deploy, are rock solid and easy to update. The best part is it's open source, which means it's free.

Programming with c#

17-21 September

Come learn this powerful high level language; it's the preferred programming language for the dot net framework and a useful tool in your development arsenal.