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November Specials

20% off selected course dates

All you need to do to pay less for exceptional skills is:

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Photoshop Basic-Intermediate

12-14 November

Learn to retouch photos, correct colours and create surreal imags with this iconic piece of software.

Power BI Bootcamp

5-7 November

Draw data from multiple sources, compile beautiful, insightful reports and share them with key stake holders all from the same dynamic product.

Introduction to Programming

5-7 November

Using the wonderously simple and powerful programming language of Python, we will teach you the fundamentals of programming.

Angular Bootcamp

19-23 November

Create rich user interfaces with powerful controls, quickly and easily. This JavaScript Framework is clean, light and used on many high-performance sites

Leadership Skills for Supervisors

2 November

Learn the various styles and tools of engagement that will help you to organise, motivate and communicate with those you lead.

Time Management

15-16 November

Time is the most valuable resource we have, and many of us strugle to optimise it. Learn tools and habits to organise and prioritise your life.

UX Design

26-27 November

Learn to craft user-friendly websites, increase conversions and sales, and improve your customers' online experiences across all channels

Programming with C#

12-16 November

Come learn this powerful high level language; it's the preferred programming language for the dot net framework and a useful tool in your development arsenal.