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After Effects Basic-Intermediate


After Effects Basic-Intermediate


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Illustrator Basic-Intermediate
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Andrew Badham


Adobe After Effects is a powerful tool for creating motion graphics. Motion graphics can be used to enhance videos or create animations. You can create simple 2D illustrations or even work in 3D.

This 3-day course will take you from absolute basics to rendering out your creations. You will create simple animations, puppet illustrations and come to understand core concepts.

Delivery Methods

Leading Training is focusing on providing virtual training courses for the foreseeable future and will only consider in-person and classroom training on request, with a required minimum group size of six delegates. We remain committed to offering training that is fast, focused and effective.

Delivery Method Duration Price (excl. VAT)
Classroom 3 Days ZAR 8,250.00 Get a Quote
Live Virtual Training 3 Days ZAR 6,750.00 Get a Quote

Discounts Available

Save up to 10% by booking and paying 10 business days before the course.


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Information may change without notice.


Designers, videographers, illustrators or anyone interested in animation.


None, but experience in Photoshop or Illustrator is useful

Course Outline / Curriculum

  1. Getting to Know the Workflow
    • Getting started
    • Creating a project and importing footage
    • Creating a composition and arranging layers
    • Adding effects and modifying layer properties
    • Animating the composition
    • Previewing your work
    • Optimizing performance in After Effects
    • Rendering and exporting your composition
    • Customizing workspaces
    • Controlling the brightness of the user interface
    • Finding resources for using After Effects
    • Review questions
    • Review answers
    • 2 Creating a Basic Animation Using Effects and Presets
  2. Getting started
    • Importing footage using Adobe Bridge
    • Creating a new composition
    • Working with imported Illustrator layers
    • Applying effects to a layer
    • Applying an animation preset
    • Previewing the effects
    • Adding transparency
    • Rendering the composition
    • Review questions
    • Review answers
  3. Animating Text
    • Getting started
    • About text layers
    • Installing a font using Adobe Fonts
    • Creating and formatting point text
    • Using a text animation preset
    • Animating with scale keyframes
    • Animating using parenting
    • Animating imported Photoshop text
    • Animating type tracking
    • Animating text opacity
    • Using a text animator group
    • Animating a layer’s position
    • Timing layer animations
    • Adding motion blur
    • Review questions
    • Review answers
  4. Working with Shape Layers
    • Getting started
    • Creating the composition
    • Adding a shape layer
    • Applying a fill and stroke
    • Creating a self-animating shape
    • Duplicating a shape
    • Creating custom shapes
    • Positioning layers with snapping
    • Snapping layers into position
    • Animating a shape
    • Animating fill color
    • Creating nulls from paths
    • Drawing curved shapes with the Pen tool
    • Using nulls to connect points
    • Previewing the composition
    • Review questions
    • Review answers
  5. Animating a Multimedia Presentation
    • Getting started
    • Adjusting anchor points
    • Parenting layers
    • Precomposing layers
    • Keyframing a motion path
    • Animating additional elements
    • Applying an effect
    • Animating precomposed layers
    • Animating the background
    • Adding an audio track
    • Review questions
    • Review answers
  6. Animating Layers
    • Getting started
    • Simulating lighting changes
    • Duplicating an animation using the pick whip
    • Animating movement in the scenery
    • Adjusting the layers and creating a track matte
    • Animating the shadows
    • Adding a lens flare effect
    • Adding a video animation
    • Rendering the animation
    • Retiming the composition
    • Review questions
    • Review answers
  7. Working with Masks
    • About masks
    • Getting started
    • Creating a mask with the Pen tool
    • Editing a mask
    • Feathering the edges of a mask
    • Replacing the content of the mask
    • Adding a reflection
    • Creating a vignette
    • Adjusting the timing
    • Trimming the work area
    • Review questions
    • Review answers
  8. Distorting Objects with the Puppet Tools
    • Getting started
    • About the Puppet tools
    • Adding Position pins
    • Adding Advanced and Bend pins
    • Stiffening an area
    • Animating pin positions
    • Using the Puppet tools to animate video
    • Recording animation
    • Review questions
    • Review answers
  9. Using the Roto Brush Tool
    • About rotoscoping
    • Getting started
    • Creating a segmentation boundary
    • Fine-tuning the matte
    • Freezing your Roto Brush tool results
    • Changing the background
    • Adding animated text
    • Outputting your project
    • Review questions
    • Review answers
  10. Performing Color Correction
    • Getting started
    • Adjusting color balance with levels
    • Adjusting color with the Lumetri Color effect
    • Replacing the background
    • Color-correcting using Auto Levels
    • Motion tracking the clouds
    • Replacing the sky in the second clip
    • Color grading
    • Review questions
    • Review answers
  11. Creating Motion Graphics Templates
    • Getting started
    • Preparing a master composition
    • Setting up a template
    • Adding properties to the Essential Graphics panel
    • Providing image options
    • Protecting the timing of a section
    • Exporting the template
    • Review questions
    • Review answers
  12. Using 3D Features
    • Getting started
    • Creating 3D text
    • Using 3D views
    • Importing a background
    • Adding 3D lights
    • Adding a camera
    • Extruding text in After Effects
    • Working with Cinema 4D Lite
    • Integrating the C4D layer in After Effects
    • Finishing the project
    • Review questions
    • Review answers
  13. Working with the 3D Camera Tracker
    • About the 3D Camera Tracker effect
    • Getting started
    • Tracking the footage
    • Creating a ground plane, a camera, and the initial text
    • Creating additional text elements
    • Locking an image to a plane with a solid layer
    • Tidying the composition
    • Adding a final object
    • Creating realistic shadows
    • Adding ambient light
    • Adding an effect
    • Previewing the composition
    • Review questions
    • Review answers
  14. Advanced Editing Techniques
    • Getting started
    • Stabilizing a shot
    • Using single-point motion tracking
    • Using multipoint tracking
    • Creating a particle simulation
    • Retiming playback using the Timewarp effect
    • Review questions
    • Review answers
  15. Rendering and Outputting
    • Getting started
    • About rendering and output
    • Exporting using the Render Queue
    • Creating templates for the Render Queue
    • Rendering movies with Adobe Media Encoder

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  2. If you have fewer delegates and cannot pay for 6, we can negotiate a shortened course where some of the time will be spent in blended learning - watching videos and doing tutorials and exercises with some contact time with the trainer. We would want to discuss what your core needs are so that we cover those aspects. You need to have paid for 3 delegates at least.
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