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Photoshop Basic-Intermediate




Adobe Photoshop CC is a widely used graphic design and image editing application from Adobe and considered as the industry standard and the first choice among artists, graphic designers, photographers and web designers.

This 3-day course will take you all the way from getting to know the workspace to creating and editing beautiful artworks. These Photoshop classes, trained by an Adobe Certified Expert, will provide you with the skills and knowledge to design Professional Artworks.

Delivery Methods

Leading Training is focusing on providing virtual training courses for the foreseeable future and will only consider in-person and classroom training on request, with a required minimum group size of four delegates. We remain committed to offering training that is fast, focused and effective.

Delivery Method Duration Price (excl. VAT)
Fulltime 3 Days R 6,897.00
Webinar 3 Days R 5,547.00

Discounts Available

Save up to 10% by booking and paying 10 business days before the course.


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Information may change without notice.


The Photoshop course will be useful to Graphic Designers, Web Designers, and Photographers who would like to begin using Photoshop to design and edit material, and set up a foundation for the advanced course.


Computer Literacy

Course Outline / Curriculum

  • Work Environment
    • Looking at the Work Area
    • Working in 64 and 32 bit modes
    • Customising Preferences & Keyboard Shortcuts
    • Using the tools & Tool Options
  • Using Adobe Bridge
    • Viewing & Editing Files
    • Reading MetaData & Applying Keywords
    • Searching & Filtering
    • Favourites & Collections
    • Introducing Task Automation
    • Exploring Mini Bridge
  • Working With Selections
    • About selecting & selection tools
    • Rectangular & Oval selections
    • Lasso tool, Magnetic Lasso Tool, Polygonal Lasso Tool
    • Magic Wand
    • Quick Selection Tool
    • Feathering - softening selection edges
    • Selecting by Colour
  • Understanding Layers
    • Background layers
    • Creating layers
    • Rearrange & editing layers
    • Opacity & Layer Blending Modes
    • Linking Layers
    • Applying Layer Styles
    • Flattening Layers
    • Layer Comps
    • Duplicating & Aligning Layers
    • Layer Groups
  • Transforming
    • Free Transform
    • Mathematical transforms: Flip, Rotate, Arbitrary
    • Scale, Skew, Distort, Perspective
    • Transform with Warp
    • Canvas Rotation
  • Basic Photo Corrections
    • Understanding Images: Raster & Vector
    • Image Resolution
    • Exposure & Balance
    • Tonal values & Photography
    • Image Adjustments Options
    • Working with the Adjustments Panel
    • Histogram
    • Levels Dialog Box
    • Curves Dialog Box
    • Straightening & Cropping
    • Using Automatic & Manual Adjustments - Contrast, Shadows & Highlights, Hue & Saturation
    • Replacing colours
    • Dodge, Sponge & Burn tools
    • Black & White Adjustment Feature
  • Retouching & Repairing
    • Clone Stamp Tool & Clone Panel Options
    • Pattern Tool
    • Spot Healing Brush
    • Healing Brush & Patch Tools
    • Red Eye Removal
    • Separate Layer retouching
    • Layers - Auto Align Layers
    • Spherical Alignment
    • Layers -Auto Blend Layers
    • Content Aware Healing & Fills
  • Typography
    • Adding Type
    • Character & Paragraph settings
    • Justification & Hyphenation
    • Tracking, Kerning & Leading
    • Warping Type
    • Type on a Path
    • Vertical Type
  • Colour Modes
    • Creating New Colour Swatches
    • Creating Colour Blends/ Gradients
    • Applying colour & gradients
    • Hue Sampling Ring
  • Brushes
    • Working with brushes
    • Changing Brush Options
  • Correcting Digital Photographs
    • About Camera Raw
    • Processing Files in Camera Raw
    • Merging exposure and application of advanced colour correction
    • Correcting digital photographs in Phoptoshop
    • Correcting image distortion
    • Working with depth of field
    • Quick Masks & Gradient Masks
  • Creating & Editing Quick Masks
    • Saving selections as Masks
    • Alpha Channels
    • Loading Masks as selections
    • Editing Masks
    • Extracting Images
    • Applying Filter Effects to Masked selections
    • Creating Gradient Masks
  • Vector Drawing: Paths
    • Pen Tool
    • Using Paths
    • Scaleable Objects
    • Shape Layer
    • Importing Smart Objects (Illustrator/ Acrobat)
    • Complex Path editing
    • Compound Paths
    • Saving Paths
    • Clipping & Work Paths
    • Filling & Stroking paths, selections
  • Filters
    • Using filters
    • Gamut & Workflow aspects
    • Stacking Orders & Saving multiple filters
    • Fading Filters (Opacity & Blend Modes)
    • Smart Filters
    • Creating, Saving & Editing Smart filters
  • Working with 3D images
    • Creating a 3D shape from a layer
    • Manipulating 3D objects
    • Using 3D panels to adjust lighting and surface textures
    • Merging 2D onto 3D layers
    • Importing 3D Files
    • Painting onto a 3D object
    • Using Repoussé to create 3D text
  • Whats New
    • All-new Smart Sharpen
    • Intelligent upsampling
    • Camera Shake Reduction
    • Editable rounded rectangles
    • Improved 3D painting
    • Improved type styles
    • Improved 3D Scene panel
    • Improved 3D effects

Schedule Dates and Booking

There are currently no scheduled dates.

Please note that this course needs a minimum of 6 delegates to schedule a course. You can choose to be added to the waiting list by clicking the button below and we will contact you when we have enough delegates interested. Should we not get enough delegates, we will refund or credit your paid booking.

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Should you need this course urgently, the following options are available:

  1. Pay for 6 delegates (whether you have them or not) and we will schedule the course as soon as possible.
  2. If you have fewer delegates and cannot pay for 6, we can negotiate a shortened course where some of the time will be spent in blended learning - watching videos and doing tutorials and exercises with some contact time with the trainer. We would want to discuss what your core needs are so that we cover those aspects. You need to have paid for 3 delegates at least.