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What Writing Course Should I Attend?

Kerrin Badham 2021-06-30 14:50:01

That depends on what skills you need to build.  Let’s ask some questions:

What kind of reports do you write and at what level? Are there any technical elements such as graphs, charts, etc that need to be included? And how skilled/experienced are you in writing? Are you proficient in using MS Word or such tools to format reports correctly? And do you need accredited training (i.e. courses that cover NQF aligned unit standards and are assessed or formally tested for competence against those unit standards)?

Writing Better Business English

If you battling with basic business English grammar and sentence construction, need to write clearly and concisely or you are struggling to set the right professional business tone in written communication, then our Business Writing that Works is the best course for you.  This 2-day practical workshop is facilitated by a professional who will give you ample opportunity to practice and fine-tune those skills and give you plenty of tips for avoiding common mistakes.  You will have opportunities to practice these skills and polish your writing and have fun while doing so.  After all, writing is practice.

The accredited version of the above course is a 3-day workshop and includes the above course plus content to meet the outcomes of unit standard 12153 at NQF level 4.  This course gives you more practice on basic business writing texts such as writing emails and business letters and includes assessments to earn the unit standard. If a SAQA accredited course is what you need, then Business Writing Skills US 12153 is the course for you.


Document Formatting

What if you are proficient in writing but need to apply those skills to specific documents and they need to look great? If you struggle to layout your documents correctly or have a particular template or document style that must be used, then you need some document formatting and word processing skills.  All of these can be learned and brushed up on.  We have a 2-day non-accredited Formatting Professional Documents course that meets those objectives. 


Report and Proposal Writing

Do you need to write reports and proposals and struggle to get your ideas into a coherent flow and need practice pulling a report together?  Then, you need our 1-day non-accredited Writing Reports and Proposals course.  This course often follows our Business Writing that Works course and you can do both as a bundle course – our Business and Report Writing course and get a discount by attending the bundle course.

Perhaps you need help writing a report in a technical environment, (scientific, medical, engineering, civil, projects, finance, etc) and your reports contain a mixture of graphics, tables, and graphs, and these need to be formatted in specific ways with indexes and appendices?  We have a practical 2-day workshop – Technical Report Writing - that takes you through setting out a complex technical report. This is a high-level fast, paced course that requires you to use your own word processor and online tools to complete a report, and would suit learners in a professional and technical environment.

The above course has an accredited version, the two-day Write a Technical Report US116389 course that meets the outcomes of unit standard 116389 at NQF level 4 for 4 credits. It is a simplified technical report writing course that focuses on the process steps of collecting, planning, writing, and revising a report.  If your team does not need high-level technical report writing skills but does need an accredited course, then attending the Write a Technical Report US116389 Course would be the best option.

In Summary – we offer 7 writing courses.  We can offer all courses as classroom and blended webinar training, using an LMS to manage learning resources, exercises and assessments.  Find all course details and booking links on our website. You can request specific dates for your team if you have a group of 6 or more, and if not, you can join a waiting list to schedule the course when we have enough delegates.  We are able to customize, within reason. 

We hope that the information above helps you decide which course would be best for your team.

Kerrin Badham

BA HDip(Ed) English and Psychology