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Business Writing Skills SAQA US 12153



This course blends the best of the Leading Training course – Business Writing that Works and US 12153 - Use the writing process to compose texts required in the business environment. This is a 3-day practical course and is accredited with the Services Seta at NQF level 4 for 5 credits. This unit standard is a fundamental in the Further Education and Training Certificate: Generic Management, qualification ID 57712 at NQF Level 4 as well as part of many ofther qualifications. Day one covers practical writing best practice from our Business Writing that Works course. Days 2 and 3 cover the content for the Unit standard 12153 and include formative and summative assessments. Learners will practice following a process in writing texts and reports as required in business. The course intends to help you communicate clearly in plain language and to improve the quality of written reports and other texts that you produce in your business environment.


The qualifying learner is capable of:

  • understanding and applying common grammar conventions to writing

  • using textual features and conventions specific to texts

  • identifying the intended audience for the communication

  • identifying the purpose of a text

  • selecting the appropriate text type, format and layout for the purpose

  • organising and structuring a technical text appropriately

  • using appropriate grammar conventions

  • drafting and editing a technical text

  • recognising errors and checking for accuracy

  • presenting the same information in different ways

  • using plain language in business


Delivery Methods

Leading Training is focusing on providing virtual training courses for the foreseeable future and will only consider in-person and classroom training on request, with a required minimum group size of four delegates. We remain committed to offering training that is fast, focused and effective.

Delivery Method Duration Price (excl. VAT)
Fulltime 3 days R 7,745.00
RPL Assessment 1 days R 5,000.00
Webinar 3 days R 5,645.00

Discounts Available

Save up to 10% by booking and paying 10 business days before the course.


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This course would suit anyone who writes documents in a business context and who would benefit from an accredited course. It would suit anyone in administration who needs to brush up and perfect their business writing skills.




Some business writing experience is preferable but not required.

Learners should be competent in Communication at level 3. Some computer literacy would be necessary and experience in using a word processor to complete activities. Access to the internet and a computer are essential.


Course Outline / Curriculum


Day 1: Business Writing that Works – Grammar Basics

Why Write?

Many people feel that writing is a burden or something they should be able to delegate. This session will help participants identify the value of writing.

The Four C's

During the morning of Day One, you will discuss four of the C's of writing with participants: clear, concise, complete, and correct. Participants will practice each C through writing exercises.


Word Agreement

During this session, participants will explore word agreement through a brief lecturette and a writing exercise.


Active and Passive Voice

Most people prefer to read writing that is in the active voice. We will discuss and practice both voices during this session.


Sentences and Sentence Types

This session will discuss the structure of sentences and paragraphs. Then, participants will apply this knowledge to a writing exercise.


Readability Index

The Gunning Fog Index, also called the readability index, determines the difficulty level of a written piece. Participants will apply the index to a sample and to their own work.


The Fifth C

Courtesy is an important principle of good business writing. During this session, participants will examine and rank several business letters, helping them explore their own style and preference.

Practical Language

It is important to use words that best reflect what you are trying to say. In this session, we will examine some common dilemmas (such as fewer vs. less) and suggested solutions.


Inclusive Language

Another key part of writing is political correctness. Participants will have an opportunity to re-write some exclusive terms to make them inclusive.


Sentence Construction

The two basic rules for constructing sentences are: use construction that makes meaning clear and keep construction parallel. Participants will re-write sentences that don't follow these rules.



During this session, participants will work in teams to develop a series of test questions for other teams. We have included some key points that you can use to debrief the test.


Day 2: Applied Business Writing 1

Focus on creating compelling sentences and unified, coherent paragraphs as applied to specific business texts

SO1: Use textual features and conventions specific to business texts for effective writing

  • Business Correspondence

  • Business Letters

  • Memorandum

  • Report

  • Facsimile

  • Resume or Curriculum Vitae

Formative Assessment 1

  • Industry specific and legislative requirements

SO2: Identify and collect information needed to write a text specific to a particular function

  • Identify and Collect Information

  • Collect information

  • Organize the material

  • Write Effectively

  • Bibliography

  • Checklist

Formative Assessment 2

Day 2: Applied Business Writing 2

SO3 Compose a text using plain language for a specific function.

  • Compose Text

  • Select the Format and Structure of Your Text

  • Identify Main Points

  • First Draft

  • Titles, Chapters, Contents

  • Contents Page

  • Introductions

  • Foreword

  • Appendices Or Addenda

  • Conclusions and Summaries

  • Paragraphs, Layout, Font

  • Visual Clues

Formative Assessment 3

SO4 Organise and structure a text appropriately for a business function

  • Rewrite the first draft

Formative Assessment 4

SO5 Present a written text for a particular function in a business environment

  • Present Your Finished Text

  • The Finished Product

Formative Assessment 4


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  2. If you have fewer delegates and cannot pay for 6, we can negotiate a shortened course where some of the time will be spent in blended learning - watching videos and doing tutorials and exercises with some contact time with the trainer. We would want to discuss what your core needs are so that we cover those aspects. You need to have paid for 3 delegates at least.