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Linux Essentials


Linux Essentials


Advanced Python
Azure Fundametals
Data Modelling with M and Power Query
DAX Programming
ITIL Foundation
Linux Networking
Linux Point and Click Admin
Linux Shell Commands
Linux System Administration 1
Linux System Administration 2
Microsoft Azure Administrator
Microsoft Power BI Boot Camp
Microsoft Power BI Desktop Advanced Course
Microsoft Power Query
Microsoft PowerApps
Microsoft PowerBI Dashboard User Course
MySQL Administration
Network Security Penetration Testing
PostgreSQL Administration
Python for Data Science
Python for Engineers and Scientists
TCP/IP Networking


Mark Badham

Ryan van Rensburg


Linux is a free, open source operating system, that is rather similar to UNIX. Linux is widely used as a server, especially for web sites. Linux systems are wonderfully easy to deploy, are rock solid and easy to update.

This course prepares you for the LPI Linux Essentials Exam, You will learn the essential concepts of the Linux operating system. On completion you will:

  • have an understanding of the Linux and open source industries and knowledge of the most popular open source Applications;
  • understand the major components of the Linux operating system, and have the technical proficiency to work on the Linux command line; and
  • have a basic understanding of security and administration related topics such as user/group management, working on the command line, and permissions.

Concepts taught in this course are pre-requisites for the System Administration, Networking and Security courses.

Delivery Methods

Leading Training is focusing on providing virtual training courses for the foreseeable future and will only consider in-person and classroom training on request, with a required minimum group size of six delegates. We remain committed to offering training that is fast, focused and effective.

Delivery Method Duration Price (excl. VAT)
Fulltime 4 Days R 10,196.00 Get a Quote
Webinar 4 Days R 7,396.00 Get a Quote

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Save up to 10% by booking and paying 10 business days before the course.


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Computer users with basic IT user knowledge including use of a graphical interface. Ambitious users as well as system administrators.


Computer Literacy and basic operating system concepts.

Course Outline / Curriculum

  • Linux Basics
    • Learning Objectives
    • What is Linux, history, kernel, distributions
    • Logging on and off
    • The shell
    • TTYs
    • Command Prompt
    • Command Structure
    • Command Types
    • Shell Variables
    • Command History and Shortcuts
    • Documentation
      • Man Pages
      • mandb
      • whatis
      • apropos
      • info
      • help
    • Filesystem Hierachy Standard
    • Navigating the Filesystem
    • File Permissions
    • Viewing a file
    • Using the Nano editor
      • Launching Nano
      • The Nano interface
      • Reading a file into Nano
      • Saving a file and exiting Nano
      • Cutting, Copying, Pasting and Selecting in Nano
      • Jumping to a specific line and column in Nano
      • Searching and Replacing
    • Using the Vi editor
      • Vi modes
      • Command mode
      • ex mode
      • Cut and paste
    • Review Questions
  • Linux Advanced
    • Learning Objectives
    • Editing Your Profile
    • Redirection and command pipelines
      • Redirecting standard output
      • Redirecting standard error
      • Redirecting standard input
      • Command Pipelines
    • Basic Filters
      • Regular Expressions
      • grep
      • cut
      • head
      • tail
      • cat
    • Sorting
      • tac - the opposite of cat
      • sort
      • uniq - discard duplicate lines
    • Manipulation
      • tr - character set translation
      • join - join files
      • nl - number lines
      • sed – stream editor
      • expand - tabs to spaces
      • unexpand - spaces to tabs
      • paste - paste two files together
    • Formatting
      • fmt - format nicely
      • pr - format for printing
      • od - octal dump (and other formats)
      • wc - count words, lines and characters
    • Scheduling Jobs
      • at
      • cron
    • Package Management
      • dpkg
      • Apt
      • apt-cache
      • apt-get
      • RPM
        • RPM database
        • RPM functions
        • Querying the database and package files
        • Install and upgrading packages
        • Erase a package
        • RPM integrity checking
      • yum
      • tar
        • Backups with tar
      • dd
    • Process Management
      • ps
      • top
      • kill
      • killall
      • nohup
      • Starting processes in the background
      • Stopping a foreground process
      • jobs
      • bg
      • fg
    • Monitoring Hardware
      • lsusb
      • lspci
      • free
      • uptime
      • du
      • df
    • Users
      • The passwd file
      • User commands
      • Passwords and the shadow password file
        • The shadow password file
      • Password commands
    • Groups
      • /etc/group
      • /etc/gshadow
      • Group commands
    • File Ownership
      • chown
      • chgrp
      • chmod
        • Symbolic chmod
        • Octal chmod
        • Recursive chmod
        • Additional Examples
    • File and Directory management
      • cp
      • mv
      • rm
      • mkdir
      • rmdir
      • find
      • locate
      • Finding files with whereis
      • Finding programs with which
    • Review
      • Quiz questions
      • Assignment
      • Answers to quiz questions
    • Links
      • Hard links
      • Symbolic links
    • Review
      • Quiz questions
      • Assignment
      • Answers to quiz questions
    • Partitions
      • Listing partitions with fdisk
      • Mounting and unmounting partitions
      • Repairing file systems
      • ext2
        • e2fsck
        • debugfs
        • dumpe2fs
        • tune2fs - change ext2 file system parameters
      • Creating an image of a drive
    • Review Questions

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