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Microsoft Power BI Boot Camp





You are an experienced business user of reports and dashboards and understand the role that reporting plays in the decision-making process of your organisation. You need to build reports and dashboards with the minimum involvement of the IT Department, using diverse data sources, for deployment on internal servers, Microsoft OneDrive, Web interfaces, tablets, and smartphones. You create reports and dashboards on an advanced level and / or make these available to colleagues for use on their own dashboards. You need a tool to support the process of creating these reports, and to manage the data and visualizations required by other reports and dashboards. The visualizations may be charts, tables, matrices, text boxes, slicers, etc Your company may use Microsoft Power BI, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft SSRS or MS Excel Dashboards Come and learn how to use Microsoft Power BI (Business Intelligence)

In this three day course, attendees will learn the fundamentals of creating their own rich interactive reports and sharing their insights with others.

We will cover

  • An introduction to Power BI
  • Importing and cleansing data for use in the model
  • Modelling your data with DAX
  • Creating interactive reports 
  • Sharing your reports with others

Delivery Methods

Delivery Method Duration Price (excl. VAT)
Fulltime 3 day R 7,887.00
Webinar 3 day R 5,547.00
R 5,547.00

Discounts Available

Save up to 10% by booking and paying 10 business days before the course.


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Information may change without notice.


It is intended for use by non-IT staff, including both Line and Senior Managers, Personal Assistants, Business Analysts, BI Specialists, and Knowledge Workers


No prior experience with Power BI or other BI tools is required, some experience with excel is desirable but not mandatory.

If you don't have admin rights on your computer please request your IT department to pre-install Power BI Desktop from

Course Outline / Curriculum

  •   Module 1: Introduction to power BI
    • What is power BI
    • Understanding the power BI architecture
    • Installing power BI desktop
    • Signup with the Power BI service
    • Understanding Power BI licencing
  • Module 2: Importing data using Power BI
    • Loading data from files and databases
    • Removing unwanted rows and columns
    • Transforming data
    • Cleansing and shaping data
    • Using functions and parameters
    • Discuss direct query and live query
    • Power Query best practice
  • Module 3: Enriching your data model with DAX
    • Understanding table relationships (Active vs inactive & single direction vs both)
    • Creating calculated columns and measures
    • Extending your model using date tables (Calculated table)
    • Create hierarchies
    • Change date and number formats
    • Understanding evaluation context
    • Time intelligence functions
    • Modelling best practice
  • Module 4: Visualisations
    • Chart types
    • Formatting charts
    • Understanding report, page and visual filters and slicers
    • Designing interactive reports
    • Enhanced reports with text boxes, annotation shapes and images
    • Custom visuals
    • Using report themes
    • Visualisation best practice
  • Module 5: Sharing report with the power BI Service
    • Publishing reports to the Power BI service
    • Understanding the difference between reports and dashboards
    • Creating schedules and alerts
    • Q&A
    • Keeping data up-to-date with scheduled refresh and the data gateway
    • Designing dashboards for mobile
    • Creating Power BI apps
    • Publish Power BI to web

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Start Date End Date Branch Status  
Mon 17 May 2021 Wed 19 May 2021 Not Applicable Scheduled

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Mon 28 Jun 2021 Wed 30 Jun 2021 Woodmead Provisional
Mon 12 Jul 2021 Wed 14 Jul 2021 Not Applicable Scheduled

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Tue 10 Aug 2021 Thu 12 Aug 2021 Not Applicable Scheduled

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Mon 6 Sep 2021 Wed 8 Sep 2021 Not Applicable Scheduled

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Mon 20 Sep 2021 Wed 22 Sep 2021 Woodmead Provisional
Mon 4 Oct 2021 Wed 6 Oct 2021 Not Applicable Scheduled

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Mon 1 Nov 2021 Wed 3 Nov 2021 Not Applicable Scheduled

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Mon 29 Nov 2021 Wed 1 Dec 2021 Not Applicable Scheduled

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