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Human Resources Articles

Train your staff, retain your staff

Andrew Badham - 2018-06-04 14:50:38

There’s a subtle fear that pervades most employers. The fear that, if they upskill their staff, those staff members will leave shortly thereafter, and that investment will be lost. There is a certain logic to that idea. If your staff are more valuable, they are more employable, and if they’re more employable, surely they would immediately job hunt for higher salaries? Well, no. The simple reason why is that people don’t solely make their employment decisions based on salary. Pe... Read more

Using emojis: when the smiley become serious

Judith Griessel - 2018-03-05 14:40:36

The use of emoticons or emoji has become entrenched in how we as a society communicate today. It has also found its way into business and official communications. But few appreciate the fact that such use may have legal consequences and could result in the sender entering into binding legal agreements, or potentially being held liable for infringements of human rights. Introduction As a more visual society, we are adjusting to a new writing medium, driven by developing technology, such as s... Read more