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The Sleep-Stress connection and what to do about it

Andrew Badham - 2019-04-24 15:25:26

  Sleep and Stress It’s not uncommon for me to come to the end of a stress management course – talking over concepts like rumination, fight or flight responses, and other more cognitive causes of stress – only to find their distress is rooted in something far simpler: a lack of sleep. Of course, sleep is not the only foundational element that can puppet your anxiety levels, food and exercise play massive roles as well, but sleep deserves a special mention. The Cycle... Read more

Your mindset: Predator or Prey

Andrew Badham - 2018-08-21 11:36:22

Picture a scene. A springbok stands calmly but vigilantly eating grass. A cheetah lurks in the thick veld, trying its best to remain unseen, unheard and downwind. The cheetah missteps and a patch of grass crunches underfoot. The springbok perks up, wasting no time deliberating the potential threat, and launches itself away from the sound. The cheetah explodes from its concealment to pursue the startled prey. Both animals tear across the plains as fast as they possibly can. If you’ve eve... Read more

Stress: the good, the bad, and what to do about it

Andrew Badham - 2018-08-13 12:28:48

There is a strange paradox in life that our weaknesses can also be our strengths. In certain circumstances, what was once a hindrance is suddenly a clear advantage. Now that I’ve opened with a sufficiently vague statement, allow me to be more specific; I’m talking about anxiety. It’s an important topic to cover considering the sheer volume of people who suffer from it. But, I catch myself when I say “suffer” because anxiety comes packaged with some benefits. You... Read more