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Power BI for HR: How Power BI's Real-Time Analysis Can Transform Your HR Department

Lawrence Maoka - 2023-04-26 15:38:42

I’ve been teaching Power BI for several years now and I’ve had a variety of different people from different departments come for training. Many of them are the ones you’d expect, Finance, management etc. but, one that surprised me was HR. Initially, I was a little nervous preparing for the course, I just wasn’t sure what HR would need from Power BI. But the more I dug into it the more opportunity I saw. That’s when my nervousness turned into excitement to share th... Read more

Know Thy Business

Andrew Badham - 2016-06-23 13:18:20

From the writings of Plato to modern philosophers, the concept of "know thyself" has echoed through the millennia. How can we seek to understand the complexities of the world if we cannot yet understand the depths of ourselves? Thankfully, science and data have given man insights into his inner workings that no amount of introspection could have revealed. The sheer amount of data we can capture on thousands of other people throughout the world is the fundamental key to our insights. Of course, w... Read more