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You will automate some common Excel tasks, apply advanced analysis techniques to more complex data sets, collaborate on worksheets with others, and share Excel data with other applications.

In this course, you will extend your knowledge into some of the more specialised and advanced capabilities of Excel by automating some common tasks, applying advanced analysis techniques to more complex data sets,collaborating on worksheets with others, and sharing Excel data with other applications.


1 Day

Delivery Method

Instructor Led classroom based training. Scheduled classes are normally held in Woodmead - near to Sandton in Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa. Stationary and textbook included. Refreshments, including 2 tea breaks and a cooked meal for lunch are provided for full time courses. Contact hours are between 9am to 4pm.


This course was designed for students desiring to gain the skills necessary to create macros, collaborate with others, audit and analyse worksheet data, incorporate multiple data sources, and import and export data.


To ensure your success, we recommend you first take the following courses or have equivalent knowledge: Microsoft Office Excel 2013 Basic and Microsoft Office Excel 2007 Intermediate

Course Outline / Curriculum

  • Lesson 1: Streamlining Work flow
    • Topic 1A: Create a Macro
    • Topic 1B: Edit a Macro
    • Topic 1C: Apply Conditional Formatting
    • Topic 1D: Add Data Validation Criteria
    • Topic 1E: Update a Workbook's Properties
    • Topic 1F: Modify Excel's Default Settings
  • Lesson 2: Collaborating with Others
    • Topic 2A: Protect Files Topic 2B: Share a Workbook
    • Topic 2C: Set Revision Tracking
    • Topic 2D: Review Tracked Revisions
    • Topic 2E: Merge Workbooks
    • Topic 2F: Administer Digital Signatures
    • Topic 2G: Restrict Document Access
  • Lesson 3: Auditing Worksheets
    • Topic 3A: Trace Cells
    • Topic 3B: Troubleshoot Errors in Formulas
    • Topic 3C: Troubleshoot Invalid Data and Formulas
    • Topic 3D: Watch and Evaluate Formulas
    • Topic 3E: Create a Data List Outline
  • Lesson 4: Analyzing Data
    • Topic 4A: Create a Trendline
    • Topic 4B: Create Scenarios
    • Topic 4C: Perform WhatIf Analysis
    • Topic 4D: Perform Statistical Analysis with the Analysis ToolPak
  • Lesson 5: Working with Multiple Workbooks
    • Topic 5A: Create a Workspace
    • Topic 5B: Consolidate Data
    • Topic 5C: Link Cells in Different Workbooks
    • Topic 5D: Edit Links
  • Lesson 6: Importing and Exporting Data
    • Topic 6A: Export Excel Data
    • Topic 6B: Import a Delimited Text File
  • Lesson 7: Using Excel with the Web
    • Topic 7A: Publish a Worksheet to the Web
    • Topic 7B: Import Data from the Web
    • Topic 7C: Create a Web Query
  • Lesson 8: Structuring Workbooks with XML
    • Topic 8A: Develop XML Maps
    • Topic 8B: Import and Export XML Data