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Microsoft Word Level 2




This course will show you how you can work more effectively by automating some tasks and providing methods to maintain consistency between documents. You will create more complex documents that include tables, charts, graphics, and newsletter layouts. You will also merge data into documents to personalize correspondence and addresses envelopes and labels with data as well.

You can also use this course to prepare for the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certification exams for Microsoft Word.

In this course you will learn fundamental Word 2013 skills

Course Objectives:
  • Work with tables and charts
  • Customize formats using styles and thems
  • Using images in the document
  • Create custom graphic elements
  • Insert content using quick parts
  • Control text flow
  • Use templates
  • Use mail merge
  • Use macros

Delivery Methods

Leading Training is focusing on providing virtual training courses for the foreseeable future and will only consider in-person and classroom training on request, with a required minimum group size of four delegates. We remain committed to offering training that is fast, focused and effective.

Delivery Method Duration Price (excl. VAT)
Fulltime 1 Day R 2,549.00
Webinar 1 Day R 1,849.00

Discounts Available

Save up to 10% by booking and paying 10 business days before the course.


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Information may change without notice.


This course is designed for students who wish to use Microsoft Word to create and modify complex documents and use tools that allow them to customize those documents.


Computer Literacy.
To ensure success, students should be comfortable in Wimdows 8 or 10 environment, and be able to use Windows to manage information.
Specific tasks you should be able to perform include:
  • Opening and closing the application
  • Navigating basic file structures
  • Manage files and folders

  • Before starting this course, student should have completed the following course:
    • Microsoft Word Level 1

Course Outline / Curriculum

  • Working with Tables and Charts
    • Sort table data
    • Control cell layout
    • Perform calculations in a table
    • Create a chart
  • Customising Formats using Style and Themes
    • Create and modify text styles
    • Create custom list or table styles
    • Apply document themes
  • Using Images ina DocumentResize and image
    • Adjust image appearance
    • Integrate pictures and text
    • Insert and format screenshots
    • Insert video
  • Creating Custom Graphic Elements
    • Creat text boxes and pull quotes
    • Draw shapes
    • Add owrdart and other text effects
    • Create complex illustrations with smartart
  • Inserting Content Using Quick Parts
    • Insert building blocks
    • Create and modify building blocks
    • Insert fields using quick parts
  • Controlling Text Flow
    • Control paragraph flow
    • Insert section breaks
    • Insert columns
    • Link text boxes to control text flow
  • Using Templates
    • Create a document using a template
    • Create a template
  • Using Mail Merge
    • The mail merge features
    • Merge envelopes and labels
    • Create a dat source using word
  • Using Macros
    • Automate tasks using macros
    • Create a macro


Schedule Dates and Booking

There are currently no scheduled dates.

Please note that this course needs a minimum of 6 delegates to schedule a course. You can choose to be added to the waiting list by clicking the button below and we will contact you when we have enough delegates interested. Should we not get enough delegates, we will refund or credit your paid booking.

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Should you need this course urgently, the following options are available:

  1. Pay for 6 delegates (whether you have them or not) and we will schedule the course as soon as possible.
  2. If you have fewer delegates and cannot pay for 6, we can negotiate a shortened course where some of the time will be spent in blended learning - watching videos and doing tutorials and exercises with some contact time with the trainer. We would want to discuss what your core needs are so that we cover those aspects. You need to have paid for 3 delegates at least.