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This training programme is ideal for those who wish to learn the methods of assessing an outcomes-based learning programme and for those wishing to improve their assessment skills. This programme equips learners with the necessary knowledge and skill to make effective judgements on a person's competency by means of assessments.

The learner will be able to conduct assessments within their fields of expertise, as well as, carry out assessments in a fair, valid, reliable and practicable manner that is free of all bias and discrimination

 Level 5, Credits: 15

On completion of this programme learners will be able to

  • Demonstrate understanding of outcomes-based assessment;
  • Prepare for assessments;
  • Conduct assessments;
  • Provide feedback on assessments; and
  • Review assessments.

Delivery Methods

Delivery Method Duration Price (excl. VAT)
Fulltime 3 Days R 5,999.00
Webinar 3 Days R 4,600.00

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HR Managers, Trainers, Learner Trainers, Coaches, Facilitators, T&D Managers, Skills Development Facilitators, anyone needing to assess staff or be accredited by the ETDP SETA as an assessor.


It is assumed for credit calculation, that learners are already competent in the learning area in which they will provide assessment. (Have scope or experience to assess in a specific field.) It is recommended that learners have at least 14 days workplace experience in training or facilitation (part time or full time and bring proof thereof). Basic communication skills (English = reading and writing skills on a NQF level 4 (Matric Level)) Access to email and where possible to the internet for

Course Outline / Curriculum

  • MODULE 1:  Understanding of outcomes-based assessment:
    • Comparisons between outcomes-based and another form of assessment of learning.
    • RPL is explained.
    • Assessment methods described and compared.
    • Key principles of assessment.
    • The approach to giving feedback on assessment.
  •  MODULE 2:  Prepare for assessments:
    • Preparation of assessment.
    • Parties involved in the assessment.
    • All pre-assessment moderation requirements.
    •  Assessment details are explained to candidates.
    • Inputs are sought from candidates.
    • Candidate readiness for assessment is confirmed.
  •  MODULE 3:  Conduct assessments:
    • Assessment practices.
    • Assessments carried out according to the assessment design and in line with the assessment plan.
    • Questioning techniques.
    • Sufficient evidence.
    • Assessment judgements.
    • Records of the assessment.
  •  MODULE 4:  Provide feedback on assessments:
    • Feedback is clear and confined to strengths and weaknesses in performance and/or requirements for further evidence in relation to the outcome/s at hand.
    • The type and manner of feedback.
    • Feedback on the assessment process.
    • Disputes and/or appeals.
    • Agreements reached and key elements of the feedback are recorded.
  • MODULE 5:  Review assessments:
    • The review.
    • Feedback.
    • Weaknesses in the assessment design and process.
    • Weaknesses in the assessment arising from poorly defined outcomes and criteria.

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Mon 15 Mar 2021 Wed 17 Mar 2021 Woodmead Scheduled

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Mon 12 Apr 2021 Wed 14 Apr 2021 Woodmead Scheduled

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