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Assertiveness as a Business Tool Course Details

Great work and personal relationships and even the ability to build long lasting, beneficial relationships with our customers can be greatly improved through adult-adult assertive behaviour. This workshop will explore assertiveness as a tool to build confidence and impact.


Any group or individual who require assertiveness skills in their role or who feels they would benefit from developing their assertiveness skills.




1 Day


$183.80 If you are currently resident in South Africa you will need to pay VAT at 14%.   *Discount available

Note: information may change without notice.

About Assertiveness as a Business Tool

Often we mistake assertiveness with aggression, or even with its opposite, timidness, depending on our world view.

Course Outline

  • Defining Assertiveness
    • Define assertiveness.
    • Explore the importance of assertiveness in building successful relationships with colleagues, partners and clients.
    • Identify and understand the PAC model and transactional analysis.
    • Identify own levels of assertiveness.
  • You and Assertiveness
    • Understand where your current mode of behaviour stems from.
    • Understand empathy and practice empathy linked to assertive behaviour.
    • Taking Control of any situation in an assertive manner.
    • Apply a behavioural tool to overcome faulty belief systems.
    • Explore built in reactions to the behaviours of others.
  • Building Assertiveness Tools
    • Identify the tools of assertive people.
    • Use a listening model to act assertively.
    • Understand assertive body language and phrases.
    • The art of saying No
    • Creating and fostering mutually beneficial outcomes.
    • Brave challenging conversation by using an assertiveness tool.
  • Keeping the Momentum
    • Create a personal action plan with SMART goals.
    • Apply your tools in the workplace to function assertively.
    • Complete a Workplace Workout.

Delivery Method

Instructor Led classroom based training. Scheduled classes are normally held in Woodmead - near to Sandton in Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa. Stationary and textbook included. Refreshments, including 2 tea breaks and a cooked meal for lunch are provided for full time courses. Light finger meals are supplied for part time courses.

Scheduled Dates

There are currently no up and coming Assertiveness as a Business Tool courses scheduled.You may request that the course be scheduled. If you are interested please click here to fill out an enquiry form.


For clients who want to enjoy the convenience of public transport, consider the Gautrain. Our training premises in Woodmead is located near the Morning Glenn Mall Bus Stop. If organised by prior arrangement we will collect delegates from the afore mentioned bus stop at no extra charge. Direction to the bus stop are as follows:

Take the Gautrain to the Sandton station.
Take the S2 Bus to Morning Glenn Mall.
We will collect you at 8:30 directly from the bus stop.


Please submit a query on the course page and we will be able to advise you on hotels and guest houses close to the training facility.