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Mindfulness and Resilience


Mindfulness and Resilience


Anger Management: Understanding Anger
Business Etiquette: Gaining That Extra Edge
Communicating Across Cultures
Communication Techniques SAQA US12433
Conflict Resolution The Definitive Approach
Courageous Conversations
Critical Thinking
Emotional Intelligence SAQA US252031
Leading With Emotional Intelligence
Problem Solving and Decision Making
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Self Esteem and Assertiveness
Stress Management
Time Management US-242811


Andrew Badham

Kerrin Badham


This short, 2-hour session will guide participants through using the powerful tool, mindfulness, in becoming more resilient at work and at home.

This session will focus on understanding how anxiety is perpetuated by our thoughts and behaviour and how mindfulness works to combat these negative cycles. 

Delivery Methods

Leading Training is focusing on providing virtual training courses for the foreseeable future and will only consider in-person and classroom training on request, with a required minimum group size of six delegates. We remain committed to offering training that is fast, focused and effective.

Delivery Method Duration Price (excl. VAT)
Live Virtual Training 2 Hours ZAR 4,500.00 Get a Quote

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Any person who wishes to use effective tools to manage their stress and become more resilient



Course Outline / Curriculum

  • Defining Stress and How It Affects Us
    • To begin, participants will discuss how they would currently handle stressful situations. Participants will also define stress, and they will learn what their score on the pre-assignment (the Holmes-Rahe stress scale) means. To conclude the session, participants will discuss the role of gender and health on stress.
  • What Is Stress About?
    • This session will explore the four things that stress is about including what causes stress and the biology of stress. Participants will also learn about the positive effects of stress and what eustress is.
  • Building a Solid Foundation
    • Next, participants will learn about the four pillars of stress management. Special focus will be given to relaxation techniques.
  • Rumination and Distraction
    • In this session, participants will look at one of the biggest exacerbating factors of our stress and a simple way to manage it.
  • Mindfulness
    • Next, participants will learn why the practice of mindfulness is important for reducing anxiety. They will engage in a short mindfulness session which provides alternative methods for this useful practice.
  • Mental Strategies
    • This session will give participants two mental strategies to manage stress.
  • Stress at Work
    • During this session, participants will complete a stress inventory to help them identify areas of stress at work. Participants will also identify some solutions for work-related stress.
  • Time Management Tips
    • A little bit of planning can go a long way towards reducing stress. Participants will work in small groups to brainstorm ways of managing time.
  • Stress at Home
    • Next, participants will get some tips on running their household in a way that reduces stress, including budgeting, planning meals, general organization, and chores.
  • Drainers and Fillers
    • To wrap things up, participants will identify the things that drain and energize them. They will also take another look at the stressful situations from this morning to see how they might approach those situations differently now


Schedule Dates and Booking

There are currently no scheduled dates.

Please note that this course needs a minimum of 6 delegates to schedule a course. You can choose to be added to the waiting list by clicking the button below, and we will contact you when we have enough delegates interested. Should we not get enough delegates, we will refund or credit your paid booking.

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Should you need this course urgently, the following options are available:

  1. Pay for 6 delegates (whether you have them or not) and we will schedule the course as soon as possible.
  2. If you have fewer delegates and cannot pay for 6, we can negotiate a shortened course where some of the time will be spent in blended learning - watching videos and doing tutorials and exercises with some contact time with the trainer. We would want to discuss what your core needs are so that we cover those aspects. You need to have paid for 3 delegates at least.
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